About the Squid Trawl Network


The Squid Trawl Network was created in order to establish a collaborative industry, science and management network approach to solving the bycatch challenges of the Squid Fishery occurring in the Northeast. We aim to achieve this result in the following ways:

  • Establish a collaborative industry/science network to determine ways to reduce specific bycatch species occurring in the squid fishery.
  • Implement an extension outreach program to assure dissemination of information across a wide spectrum of squid fishery stakeholders, creating a feedback loop and sense of participant empowerment and responsibility.

A collaborative effort to construct a comprehensive network to identify and address the challenges of bycatch and selectivity in the Loligo squid fishery will allow for innovative research that will result in profound solutions. The network concept exhausts all possible competencies in efforts to succeed. The Squid Trawl Network fully embraces the collaborative structure of the Northeast Cooperative Research Program to improve performance, efficiency, and adaptability. The many individual successes of the partners involved in the STN will be combined to achieve regional coordination and improve conservation gear technology.