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The Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation (CFRF), in partnership with the Cornell University Cooperative Extension Program of Suffolk County, has recently released a documentary video entitled "Gear Trials Program in the Southern New England Small Mesh Fishery - Fishermen and Scientists Working Together to Solve a Conservation Problem". The brief video tells the story of how fishermen and scientists have worked together to develop gear modification options for small mesh trawls to reduce unwanted winter flounder bycatch in the southern New England stock area. The video also highlights the program used to implement these successful techniques into the region's fishing fleet.

For more info on how to participate go to the CFRF website at www.cfrfoundation.org. Vouchers issued under this program for purchase of the two successful gear types will expire in June 2015.

Funding for this work was provided through NOAA Award #NA09NMF4720414 and made possible through efforts by U.S. Senator Jack Reed (RI-D).

Click the GEAR TRIALS PROGRAM link below to view the video...

<p>Gear Trials Program from Cornell Extension Marine Program on Vimeo.</p>

March 24, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterSTN