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MSB Specifications are in the regulatory process and a proposed rule should be published later this year. Potential changes include a lower mackerel quota, a lower RH/S cap, an increase to the butterfish possession limit for vessels with moratorium permits using mesh less than 3” (2,500 pounds to 5,000 pounds), and an indefinite suspension of the pre-trip notification system (PTNS) for longfin squid.

A Fishery Management Action Team (FMAT – technical folks who do analysis for Amendments) for the Squid Capacity Amendment has been formed and the current plan is to begin to spin up analysis starting late this year or early next year. I will keep you posted. This is the summary from the Council Meeting after scoping: “Staff presented a summary of scoping comments on a potential amendment to address latent capacity in the squid fisheries. After considering 17 written comments and summaries of 6 public hearings, the Council voted to continue amendment development and added three additional issues: (1) new allocations/permits for Maine/northern states; (2) longfin trimester issues; and (3) longfin squid buffer zones (e.g. 10 miles) beyond state waters in the area south of Martha’s Vineyard/Nantucket to allow squid to enter/spawn in Nantucket Sound. Based on the public comment received, catch share programs will not be further considered in this action.”

Development of the Joint Omnibus Industry Funded Monitoring Amendment continues, with staff examining ways to cut the costs of electronic and portside monitoring. The next FMAT/PDT meeting (PDTs are New England’s version of an FMAT – Plan Development Team) is Nov 30, 2015 in Gloucester, MA - see http://www.mafmc.org/actions/observer-funding-omnibus for details.

At the December Council meeting each year the Council sets/prioritizes the list of major actions & tasks for the following year. This will get discussed during the “Implementation Plan” agenda item. There is also an agenda item for the Unmanaged Forage action. Briefing documents will likely be posted the week after Thanksgiving.


Jason Didden
Atlantic Mackerel, Squid, and Butterfish Plan Coordinator
(302) 526-5254 (direct)

November 25, 2015 | Registered CommenterSquid Trawl Network