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MAFMC Press Release - Visioning

Fishery Management Council Begins Charting Course for the Future


Today the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council launched its much-anticipated initiative to develop a vision and strategic plan for the region's managed fisheries.  While the Council haseffectively rebuilt its managed fisheries over the last 35 years, it still faces long-term challenges, such as maintaining productive ecosystems and addressing the needs of communities that rely on ocean resources.


"This is a pivotal moment in the management of our region's fisheries.  We have spent most of the past 35 years successfully rebuilding fish stocks in the Mid-Atlantic, and now that these stocks are rebuilt we need to work closely with our constituents to develop a cohesive vision for the future.  This will enable us to identify successful outcomes for our fisheries and the fishing communities that depend on their continued resilience and productivity,” said Council Chairman Rick Robins.


The Council's first and most important step toward developing the vision and long term strategic plan is seeking the public's input.  A survey has been posted to the Council's website (http://www.mafmc.org/vision/) for the public to begin providing their thoughts, ideas, and comments on fisheries management policies and processes.  The survey, which includes opportunities to provide detailed input on each fish species managed by the Council, will be available until January 31, 2012.


In addition to the survey, over the next several months Council staff will be visiting coastal communities to hear from constituents and those most affected by the Council’s decisions.  A list of these locations and events will be posted and frequently updated on the Council's website.


"This is a completely stakeholder-driven initiative and our number one priority is to hear from our constituents.  They will determine how the vision and strategic plan are developed.  Their input will have a real impact on how our fisheries are managed in the future," added Council Executive Director Dr. Christopher M. Moore.


For more information and/or to get involved visit http://www.mafmc.org/vision/ or contact Mary Clark at mclark@mafmc.org or (302) 526-5261.


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